The present general conditions of sale apply to the reservation of an individual stay and related services, connecting the “Château de Pondres” to its customers.


Article 1 : Purpose

  • The present terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties concerned in connection with the reservation of services offered by the Château de Pondres on its website, on the telephone or online.

They govern all the necessary steps for the reservation and the follow-up between the contracting parties.

1.2 The customer acknowledges having read and accepted the present general conditions of sale as well as the conditions of sale of the reserved rates, available on the site. By using this site, the customer guarantees truth and accuracy of the information provided and acknowledges being of consenting age. Any fraudulent or infringing use on its behalf or on behalf of a third party may result in denial of access to our services and possible financial liability.

Article 2 : Reservation

2.1 The guest choses to use the services presented on the site, those of partners of the Château de Pondres, or by any other means and acknowledges the nature, the destination and the reservation methods of the available services.

The guest further acknowledges that they have requested and obtained any necessary and / or complementary information to make their reservation with full knowledge of the facts. They are solely responsible for their choice of services.

All requests for reservations, from all sources, as well as the use of this site, entail the full and complete adherence of the guest to these conditions of sale and special conditions.

2.2 An acknowledgment of receipt of reservation is sent by email as soon as possible.

They can be made on the official website, by phone, on-site, by e-mail, mail, as well as with partners of the Château de Pondres.

2.3 A credit card number is required for all reservations, along with its expiry date and cryptogram as a guarantee or payment of a deposit. When registering the reservation, the credit card will be pre-authorised for informational purposes, and will not be debited from the account, your payment is made on-site at the end of your stay for Standard rates.

2.4 Reservations cannot be made online after 7pm on the same day, reservations are possible by phone or directly at the reception.

2.5 A deposit of 30% of your total stay is required for any stays of more than 4 days.

The hotel reserves the right, at certain times, and under certain conditions, depending on availability or for certain special offers to request a deposit of 30% for stays of less than 4 nights.

Deposits are payable by cheque or credit card and are non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled.

2.6 The credit card provided at the time of the reservation is not immediately debited except in the following cases:

  • Promotional offer “non-refundable and non-modifiable”.
  • Last minute offer “non-refundable and non-modifiable”
  • If the credit card expires before the date of arrival.

2.7 Reservations are valid provided the guest presents themselves on the first day of their stay. All same day no-shows without informing the hotel is treated as a cancellation resulting in cancellation fees provided in the conditions of the reservation.

Article 3 : Protection of personal data

3.1 The terms and conditions for the protection of personal data collected at the time of the reservation are defined in the privacy notice available on the Château de Pondres website in the privacy notice tab.

Articles 4 : Schedules

4.1 Rooms are assigned from 2pm (local time of the hotel) and returned at 11am.

4.2 Arrivals are possible up until 9pm. Late arrivals must be reported.

Article 5 : Modifications

5.1 In the case of an early departure, excluding special periods, 50% of the amount of unused nights (with a minimum of one night) will be retained.

5.2 Any early departures in special periods, such as high season or festive periods, will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

5.3 Any early departures of stays reserved under special conditions, will be charged the full amount of the reserved stay.

5.4 Any request for an extension of stay must be made before 9am on the day of departure at the reception and is subject to availability.


Article 6 : Cancellation conditions

The present cancellation conditions are naturally excluded from cases of force majeure.

6.1 Cancellations may be made on the official website of the Château de Pondres, with the partners concerned if necessary, by telephone or on-site.

The date set for the cancellation conditions is that of receipt of the request depending on the means used (email, mail, telephone or fax). For requests via mail, the postmark showing the date of receipt of the request for cancellation.

6.2 Cancellation more than 48 hours prior to the stay (excluding special offers and offers non-modifiable, non-refundable) is free.

6.3 Any cancellation or no-show of the guest made less than 48 hours prior to the stay (excluding special offers and non-modifiable, non-refundable offers), will result in the collection of:

  • the first night for stays of less than 4 nights
  • 30% of the total amount for stays of more than 4 nights

6.4 The deposit agreed upon when making the reservation is non-refundable.

6.5 All bookings for which the customer does not show up at the hotel are cancelled after 11pm (unless otherwise agreed upon).

6.6 For cancellation of stays reserved under special conditions, such as non-modifiable, non-refundable offers, will result in the withholding of the total cost of the reservation.

Article 7 : Withdrawal

7.1 In accordance with Article L.121-21-8 12 ° of the Consumer Code, no right of withdrawal may be exercised by the customer.


Article 8 : Payment

8.1 Payment can be made via credit card (visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club), cheque, cash, wire transfer.

8.2 Payments made via telephone, are to be made by credit card, the card number, cryptogram and expiry date are to be provided to the receptionist. The credit card provided must be valid at the time of the stay.

Once on-site, the guest must present themselves to the reception with the credit card to guarantee the reservation and prepayment. The hotel may also require government-issued identification for the purpose of preventing credit card fraud

8.3 In case of stays, except special offer, the debit of the payment is made at the hotel at the end of the stay.

The final invoice includes the price of accommodation, taxes and all services consumed during the stay.

8.4 For prepaid offers, services consumed outside the offer will be debited at the end of the stay.

8.5 In the case of a non-prepaid or non-guaranteed rate by telephone, the hotel may ask the guest, upon arrival, for a deposit or a credit card pre-authorisation, to guarantee the payment of services consumed on the spot.

Article 9 : Rates

9.1 The prices for the reservation of services are indicated before and during the reservation.

9.2 The indicated prices are per room, for the number of persons indicated, the date selected and do not mention other services (unless stated otherwise).

They are indicated in Euro €, and take into account the applicable VAT on the day of booking.

Any change in the applicable rate, modification or introduction of new legal taxes, will automatically be reflected in the prices indicated on the invoice date.

9.3 All reservations, regardless of their origin, are payable in Euros.

9.4 Unless otherwise stated, additional services are not included in the price and are to be paid at the end of the stay.

9.5 The residence tax is payable directly to the hotel.

9.6 All prices mentioned at the time of the booking and all additional services provided by the hotel during the stay will be attached to the invoice as well as a legal residence tax collected for the municipality and the department.

9.7 All prices are subject to change at any time, without affecting reservations already confirmed.

9.8 Stays reserved prior to the implication of a promotional offer will not be refunded or modified.

9.9 The prices indicated on the official website are only valid for the period during which they are displayed.

9.10 The child breakfast rate applies to children up to and including 12 years of age.

9.11 The site may offer promotions for which no cancellation or modification is possible.

Article 10 : Special Offers

10.1 Promotional or special offers are fixed for a specific duration and are granted to the customer subject to availability.

10.2 They are expressed in euros (€) including all taxes except the residence tax which is payable on-site.

10.3 They are not cumulative with the other promotional offers in progress and their conditions remain modifiable at all times without notice. Only validated reservations are enforceable.

10.4 Special offers are non-refundable and non-modifiable.


Article 11 : Force majeure

11.1 Force majeure means any event outside the present parties control that is both unpredictable and insurmountable and which prevents either the customer or the hotelier from fulfilling the obligations stipulated in the contract.

11.2 Château de Pondres can not be held liable in the case of non-fulfillment of its obligations due to force majeure.

11.3 Following the occurrence of a force majeure, customers shall accept only the additional costs which may be incurred to enable the onward journey.

Article 12 : Hotel stay

12.1 In making a reservation with the hotel the guest accepts and agrees to respect the internal regulations provided.

12.2 The guest agrees to pay the invoice which will be provided at the end of the stay.

12.3 The guest undertakes an agreement with the hotel to respect and to ensure respect by all persons under their custody, the internal and safety regulations of each area which are at the disposal of the guest.

12.4 In accordance with the provisions of Art. R.1334-30 and R 1334-31 of the Code of Public Health the guest agrees not to make noise that may disturb the tranquility of other guests of the hotel or the neighborhood.

12.5 The guest agrees to supervise any people that they have in their custody and undertakes to use the rooms and spaces made available to him “reasonably” in accordance with the provisions of articles 1728 and 1729 of the Civil Code.

12.6 Any behavior contrary to good morals of the internal regulations or public order is likely to cause the guest’s dismissal.

12.7 The guest is informed that, under legal or regulatory provisions, they may be required to fill out a police card upon arrival at the hotel and present a valid piece of government issued identity.

12.8 The guest is liable for damages and injuries caused during their stay.

The guest is also responsible for any damage or injury caused by the persons in their care (children etc.)

They are responsible for any consequences related to the non-respect of the safety regulations in the hotel. The hotel can not be held liable in the case of non-compliance with the safety regulations available to the guest in each area

12.9 The guest acknowledges the risks connected to the use of the internet service provided by the Château de Pondres and undertakes not to use the latter for illegal purposes.

12.10 Pets are not permitted in the hotel.

12.11 Smoking is prohibited throughout the castle including the rooms.

12.12 The Château de Pondres reserves the right in case of non-compliance with one or more of the aforementioned obligations to invite the client to leave the establishment without any compensation or reimbursement, all or part of the cost of the stay may be retained for repair of any damage caused by the guest. The first night is automatically retained.

12.13 The guest agrees not to cause any disturbance to public order. The Chateau de Pondres reserves the right in the event of non-compliance with the aforementioned conditions to refuse the customer access to the hotel.

Article 13 : Responsibilities

13.1 The Château de Pondres is committed to providing its customers with all the invoiced services. It can not be held accountable for any services displayed but not provided or not invoiced to the guest.

13.2 It can not be held responsible for the negligence of services provided by third parties.

13.3 Images and texts reproduced to illustrate the Château de Pondres are not contractual.

13.4 The Chateau de Pondres can not be held responsible for the non-fulfillment or the improper execution of reservations in the case of force majeure, due to a third party, by the guest, in particular the unavailability of the Internet, telephone, unavailability of our website, outside intrusion, computer viruses or in the case of non-authorised prepayment by the bank of the bearer.

13.5 Château de Pondres is not to be held responsible for any content or service provided by another website that hyperlinks may refer you to.

13.6 Any reservation or payment that is illegal, unsuccessful, incomplete or fraudulent for a reason attributable to the guest will lead to the cancellation of the reservation at the guest’s expense, without prejudice to any civil or criminal action against the latter.


Article 14 : Complaints

14.1 Any complaints must be sent by registered post to the Château de Pondres at the following address: Château de Pondres, 2 allée des Pigeonniers, 30250 Villevieille.

To be admissible, complaints must be preceded by a report at the end of the stay given to the reception, specifying the reasons for the complaint.

14.2 Claims are to be made within 8 days of departure. After this period no complaint will be taken into account. The letter postmark is considered the date of receipt of the claim.

Article 15 : Consumer Moderator

15.1 In the absence of agreement between the Château de Pondres and its guest, the Tourism and Travel Moderator may be called upon in order to reach an amicable agreement.

15.2 The contact details of the latter and the details of referral are available on the website:

Article 16 : Litigation

16.1 In the absence of conciliation, disputes will be submitted to the local court of the landlord

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